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About Us

The Midget Ocean Racing Fleet (MORF) was founded in 1966 in Corpus Christi Texas.  It serves as the local PHRF racing organization for the Corpus Christi Bay area.  The primary function of MORF is to sponsor the informal Wednesday Night sailboat races.  The races start at the Peoples Street T-Head at 5:30pm during DST and 6:00pm the remainder of the year.

MORF uses the South Texas PHRF ratings to allow boats of different types and sizes to compete against one another.  The boats are divided into 4 fleets: A fleet non spinnaker (PHRF < 150), B fleet non spinnaker (PHRF > 150), A fleet spinnaker and B fleet spinnaker.  Each fleet has their own start and finish.

Races take place 52 weeks a year, weather permitting.  Natural gas well heads scattered around the bay provide a variety of marks to race around.  The weekly race committee chooses from a variety of well heads as race marks based upon the direction and strength of the wind that evening.

MORF sponsors an annual party and general members meeting, usually in January.  Awards for the top 3 performances based on the yearly average are awarded for each of the four fleets.  Additionally an overall award, The Competition Cup, is presented for the best performance in a series of selected weekend regattas.

MORF is 100% volunteer driven.  Without local sailors support this wonderful legacy will not continue.  Will you join us please?