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MORF Membership Application

Name:(Last)________________________ (First)_____________________ (Init.)____

Street:_______________________ City:___________________ State:____ Zip:_____

Spouse: ____________________________ Partner (s): ________________________

Phones: (Res.) _________________________ (Off.) _________________________

Membership: Regular ________ Supporting ____________ Honorary____________

Non-Wednesday Nite Racer/Non-race committee __________________

 Additional Information: __________________________________________________

Boat Name: ________________ Make:______________ Model: _________ LOA: ____


Year: _______ Sail #: __________ Hull/Deck Color: ______/_______ Location: ______


In Consideration of membership in MORF (Midget Ocean Racing Fleet) and for using the services of their committees and regarding activities conducted within the MORF and their committees the undersigned represents to and covenants with the MORF and their committees (a) that the undersigned has the sole and exclusive control and management of the boat described herein, and (b) that the undersigned has sole responsibility for the care and safety of such boat and crew and all other persons in any manner pertaining thereto, and (c) that the undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless MORF and their committees, their directors, officers, members, and representatives from any loss, damage, demand, liability or obligation including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and court cost, in any manner arising from or pertaining to the above described boat or crew of this boat, and (d) that the undersigned shall fully comply with all racing instructions, requirements for rating certificates, ratings, and any safety requirements and with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, and (e) that the boat described above or its owner/skipper has in force and effect a policy of liability insurance which covers the contemplated activity.


Date: ______________ Signature of boat owner (s):____________________________


 Please return this application with your check payable to Midget Ocean Racing Fleet or Morf to: 

    P.O. Box 262

    Corpus Christi, Texas 78403

 Fees: $35.00 Regular Membership $15.00 Supporting Membership

$35.00 Non_Wed. Night Races/Non-Wed. Race Committee Membership

** Fees include the cost of the South Texas PHRF committee services and the annual PHRF Rating Certificate