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Adopted June 18, 1983





Section I


The name of this organization shall be the Corpus Christi Midget Ocean Racing Fleet.  Located in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas, it is incorporated under the laws of the state of Texas as a nonprofit organization.  It shall be hereafter referred to be its full name, “MORF”, or “Fleet”.




Section I


            The Fleet is a nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting racing of yachts in Corpus Christi Bay and vicinity.


Section II


            MORF regular sponsored events shall consist of the following:


a.       Wednesday Night Races—sponsored by MORF are designed primarily for fun.  The intent is to provide simplified races in which everyone can participate and enjoy.  For this reason the races are relatively short in both distance and duration.  However, if three or more members of MORF desire to hold a separate class race, and there remains six or more boats in the regular Wednesday Fleet, then the Duty Chairman will, if convenient, give a separate start and finish to the asking class.  Such starts will normally follow five minutes after the regular starts.  Separate rules, regulations, and duty rosters, will be made by the Wednesday Night Race Chairman.


b.      MORF Series Races—are designed for serious yacht racing and are divided into a Spring, Summer, and Fall series.  The MORF Series Race Chairman will publish the annual series schedule prior to the first Spring series event.  Rules, regulations, and duty rosters are the responsibility of the MORF Series Chairman, but in general the racing rules will conform to the USYRU racing rules.




            Special events such as cruises, regattas, parties, etc. may be scheduled by MORF at the discretion of the Fleet Captain.




Section I


            MORF shall have the following categories or membership:  Regular, and Supporting.


Section II


            The definitions of the established categories shall be:


a.       Regular Members—shall be owners, part owners, or charterers of eligible boats (as defined in Article IV).


b.      Supporting Members—all others interested in fostering the objects of the fleet who are not eligible for regular membership.


Regular and Supporting members shall have identical rights and privileges.




Section I


            Enrollment of yachts shall be from information provided on approved membership applications and membership renewal forms which are accompanied by annual membership dues.  Yachts will not be enrolled until such time as a current form and dues payment is received by the Fleet Secretary/Treasurer.


Section II


            Any yacht enrolled pursuant to Article IV Section I shall be a monohull cruiser/racer which is self-righting and has a self bailing cockpit.


Section III


            Each regular member, when engaged in fleet sponsored activities, is responsible for his or her vessel and crew; however, the following are minimal requirements for participation in MORF activities:


a.      Lights and safety equipment required by USCG.

b.      Two berths at least six feet long.

c.       Compass, charts, and navigation equipment adequate for waters sailed.

d.      Adequate grab rails or life lines, bilge pumps or bailing device, and ground tackle.

e.      Coast Guard approved throwable device within reach of the helmsman.

f.        Head or suitable bucket.




Section I


            Each member shall pay the fees, dues, and other charges prescribed for his or her category of membership.


Section II


            All fees, dues, and other charges shall be established or revised by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership in attendance at any general meeting at which a quorum is present.


Section III


            Timely payment of fees, dues, and other charges is expected.  In the case of existing members, failure to submit renewal forms and dues shall cause termination of the non-paying membership without further action.




Section I


            Officers shall consist of:  Fleet Captain, Secretary/Treasurer, MORF Series Chairman, and Wednesday Night Race Chairman.  These officers shall comprise the “Executive Committee”.


Section II


            Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting from among the members.  Their term shall be from election until their successors election.


Section III


            The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management of the organization including the financial aspects.  It will prepare an annual budget and year-end financial statement for presentation of the Annual Meeting.


Section IV


            At any meeting of the Executive Committee, the presence of the majority of the members shall constitute a quorum, and any matter proposed to a meeting of the Committee may be approved by a majority of those present.  The minutes of any such meeting shall be kept and entered in the Minutes of the Fleet.  In matters requiring a decision of the Executive Committee wherein the Fleet Captain deems it impractical to call a meeting, the Executive Committee members may be polled individually, by attempting to contact each, either in person or by telephone, and the agreement of three (3) or more shall constitute official action of the Executive Committee.  At the conclusion of such individual contact meeting, the Fleet Captain shall report the date, subject, members contacted, method of contact for each and vote of each to the Secretary, who shall enter same in the Minutes of the Fleet as an official meeting of the Executive Committee.


Section V


            Any vacancy on the Executive Committee may be filled by any qualified member elected by the Executive Committee to serve until confirmed by a majority vote of the membership at the next general meeting; the term of said newly elected Executive Committee member shall coincide with that of the Committee electing him.


Section VI


            Any Executive Committee member may be removed from office during his term by the vote of the majority of the members entitled to vote at any general meeting of the membership.


Section VII


            Duties of officers:


a.       Fleet Captain shall preside at meetings, appoint committees, and call meetings of the Executive Committee and general membership.


b.      Secretary/Treasurer shall keep minutes of all meetings, deposit funds, make disbursements, prepare tax forms, and keep records including current by-laws of the organization.


c.       MORF Series Chairman shall have authority and responsibility for the management of MORF Series races and regattas.


d.      Wednesday Race Chairman shall have authority and responsibility for the management of the Wednesday Night Races.




Section I


            Annual General Meeting:  there shall be at least one (1) general meeting of the membership held each year to be known as the Annual Meeting.  The Annual Meeting shall be held as soon after December 1st as the Fleet Captain shall deem feasible.


Section II


            Special General Meetings:  general membership meetings other than the Annual Meetings shall be known as Special Meetings and shall be called at the direction of the Fleet Captain, or upon the written request of ten (10) members.


Section III


            Notice of meetings:  notice of the Annual Meeting must be in writing.  Notice of Special Meeting may be in writing or by telephone.


Section IV


            Quorum:  at all general meetings fifteen percent (15%) of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum and be authorized to transact business.




Section I


            Eligible Voters:  each paid-up member in good standing shall be entitled to one (1) vote which may be voted by any immediate family member eighteen (18) years of age or older.


Section II


            Nomination:  a Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee during the month of November, each year, and such Nominating Committee shall consist of the Fleet Captain and four (4) paid-up members of the Fleet in good standing.


Section III


            Elections:  at the Annual Meeting the Nominating Committee shall submit the name of one (1) eligible person for election to each office of the Executive Committee.  Nominations may be submitted by individual members or groups in addition to those of the Nominating Committee.




Section I


            The Fleet Captain is empowered to appoint any other committee he deems necessary to further the interests of the club.




Section II


            At the dissolution of this Fleet, whether from termination of its Charter or from any other cause, its affairs shall be liquidated in accordance with the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act as in force of law at the time of such dissolution.