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Minutes from General MORF Meeting

June 10, 2000

Bay Yacht Club

MORF Executive Committee members present:  Phillip Davis (FC), Brad Stokes (Secretary), Chris Corley (Fleet Score Keeper) and Phyllis Vaughn (Wednesday Night Duty).  Members absent: Andy McMillan (Weekend) and Kirk Mason (Treasurer).

General members present: Scot Oates, Sue Peal, Jay and Joan Cotton, Dennis Haas, Ed Bonner.


  1. MORF Executive Committee and other members unanimously pass resolution nullifying last PHRF ratings changes for violations of PHRF Bylaws
  2. Changes in PHRF Bylaws delayed for further study and comment
A motion was made by Phyllis Vaughn and seconded by Brad Stokes that the changes in PHRF ratings made at this meeting are declared void by the MORF executive committee and any vessels effected will revert to their prior ratings.  The motion passed by unanimous vote of all MORF committee members and the general members present.  The members directed the Fleet Captain to contact the PHRF chairman, Andy McMillan, to notify them of this action.

Other items discussed included the need to identify and activate a Fleet Measurer.  Several members requested that all boats whose rating is to be changed must first be measured to insure compliance with all PHRF and class regulations upon which PHRF assumptions are based.

Brad Stokes presented a list of 5 changes to the current PHRF Bylaws.  After much discussion it was decided that these changes need further study by the entire membership with the opportunity for everyone to make comments and changes.  The changes in PHRF Bylaws were delayed for a future general meeting to allow time for careful thought and input by MORF members.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.