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International J22



Hosted by

Corpus Christi Yacht Club

J22 Fleet 67

Southwest Circuit

October 7th 12th, 2002

Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Regatta Chair
  • Letter from the Commodore of CCYC
  • Letter from the Mayor of Corpus Christi
  • IJ22CA World Council and National Presidents
  • Regatta Committee
  • International Jury
  • Corpus Christi Yacht Club Officers and Management
  • Sponsors
  • Schedule of Events
  • Corpus Christi Nightlife
  • Downtown Clubs & Pubs
  • Downtown Restaurants
  • Local Sailing Conditions
  • L-Head Map
  • Marina Information
  • Program Note

Letter from the Regatta Chair

Welcome to Corpus Christi, and the 2002 International J22 Class World Championship.  I know it was a long, hard road for many of you to get here.  Thats why weve worked hard to put together a great week of racing and fun.

In this program you will find a lot of useful information to help smooth out the bumps that sometimes come with sailing in a new place.  Flip through it to find out where to get measured, where to launch and dock, and even how to find your way through the bumps on the water.  Theres information on area restaurants and nightlife as well.  If any of your questions go unanswered, dont hesitate to contact someone from the regatta committee.

So, get yourself settled in, and get ready to race.  Lets have the kind of regatta that the J22 Class is so well known for:  highly competitive fun among a friendly group of sailors.

Michael McCutchon

Regatta Chair


IJ22CA World Council

Chair                                       Anthony Bailes                           South Africa - RSA

Vice Chair                               David Scorey                             South Africa - RSA

Technical Committee               Albert Carpenter                        United States of America

Chief Measurer                       Anthony Bailes                           RSA

Treasurer                                Galeen Freeman                         United States of America

Secretary                                Galeen Freeman                         United States of America

Copyright Holder                      J/Boats, Inc.                             United States of America


Regatta Committee

Michael McCutchon, Regatta Co-Chair

Teri Ficken, Regatta Co-Chair

Registration Chair

Robert W. Gough, Principal Race Officer

US Sailing Senior Race Officer

US Sailing Senior Judge

Pete Meyer, Charter Chair

Rob Johnston, Measurement Chair

Chip Ducrest, Harbor Coordinator

Sandy Carl, Housing

Phillip Davis, Program

Alan Dinn, CCYC Race Chair

Robin Dinn, CCYC Hospitality

Myrna Hunt, CCYC Manager

Jury Support Boats

James Davis, Mojo Jojo

John Holmgreen, Rio Bravo

Jim Anderson

International Jury

Bill Cheek, Chair

Canadian Senior Judge.

US Senior Judge.

International Judge.

International Race Officer.

Member CYA Rules Committee.

Member CYA Appeals Committee


Egil Wold
International Judge
Arthur J. Wullschleger
International Judge
International Umpire
Mary Savage
International Judge
Senior Judge

Ruth Miller

International Judge


Henry K. Arnold

Senior Judge
Corpus Christi Yacht Club


                              William H. Holmes, Jr                           Commodore

                                      Van Huseman                                      Vice-Commodore

                                      Michael McCutchon                            Read-Commodore

                                      Dr. Robert Madry, Jr.                          Past-Commodore

                                      Steve Lewis                                         Treasurer

                                      Georgia Duff                                        Secretary

Board of Directors

Sandra Carl

Alan Dinn

Georgia Duff

Ann Hennis

William H. Holmes, Jr.

Van Huseman

Steve Lewis

Dr. Robert Madry, Jr.

Dr. Michael McCutchon

Burt Moorhouse

Reuben Welsh


Tier 1

Valero Energy

Vista Automotive

HEB Grocers


Tier 2

VC Performance Rigging

Hall Spars


Quantum Sails


United Way of Coastal Bend


Andrews Distributing




Water Street Oyster

West Marine



Boaters World



Totally Texas


At Water Street Market


Qs Sports Pub


227 North Water


Christus Spohn Hospital System







Schedule of Events


October 4




Early Registration/Measurement



Louis Vuitton Cup at Qs


October 5







Southwest Circuit Regatta


After racing

Hospitality Tent Open


October 6




Southwest Circuit Regatta





After racing

Hospitality Tent Open



Louis Vuitton Cup at Qs


October 7







Practice Race



Welcoming Banquet-CCYC


Louis Vuitton Cup at Qs


October 8






After Racing

Hospitality Tent Open



Louis Vuitton Cup at Qs


October 9





After Racing

Hospitality Tent Open



Louis Vuitton Cup at Qs


October 10





After Racing

Hospitality Tent Open



Party at Executive Surf Club


October 11






Awards Banquet at Ramada


October 12




Reserve Day Racing


Corpus Christi Night Life

The site of the 2002 Worlds is located in the central downtown district of Corpus Christi.  There are numerous restaurants, bars, shops and hotels within walking distance of the regatta site.  In addition, the citys cultural amenities including its museums, historical district and arts are all conveniently located in one central area about a mile from the marina.

The citys Regional Transportation Authority runs a shuttle around the downtown district.  Most hotels provide shuttle service and parking is mostly free and easily available close to all destinations.  Please consult the brochures and pamphlets included with your registration packet for maps and phone numbers.

Frequently Used Numbers

Chamber of Commerce 881-1800

CCYC 883-6518

Visitors Bureau 881-1888

Yellow Checker Cab Co. 852-5555

Corpus Christi Marina Office 882-7333

Downtown Clubs & Pubs

"21" (martini bar)
(361) 350 Mesquite St.

Angies Lounge
510 Chaparral St.
(361) 883.8701

Q's (sports bar & grill)
227 Water Street
(361) 883.7776

Club Rendezvous
311 Peoples St.
(361) 882.8626

Dr. Rockits Blues Bar (live music)
709 Chaparral St.
(361) 884.7634

Executive Surf Club (live music)
309 Water Street
(361) 884.SURF

Hank's New Lounge
419 Peoples St.
(361) 882.0364

Starr St. & Mesquite St.
(361) 884.3699


Sports and Rentals

Corpus Christi Sailing Center
(Bareboat/Captained Charters, Cruises)
200 S. Shoreline
(361) 881.8503

Giggles Surf & Skate
(Skates & Bikes)
403 Shoreline
(361) 882.7554

(Paddlewheeler - Sightseeing, Moonlight Cruises)

Peoples St. T-Head
(361) 884.8306 / 884.1693

Gulf Clipper
(Paddlewheeler - Sightseeing, Cruises, Fishing)
St. T-Head
(361) 884.1693

Captain Clark
St. T-Head
(361) 884.4369


Downtown Restaurants


Joe's Crab Shack
444 N. Shoreline
Lawrence Street T Head
(361) 904-0227

La Playa (dancing music-Tejano, Country)
417 Chaparral St.
(361) 882.1664

Padre Island Brewing Co.
405 Chaparral St.
(361) 884.6533

Phat Tuesday's (music & dancing)
601 Chaparral St.
(361) 882.9904

Sharkey's (beach bar)
315 Chaparral St.
(361) 882.2082

Sports Page Bar/Ramada Hotel
601 Water St.
(361) 882.8100

Stingers (live music)
301 Chaparral St.
(361) 887.0029


Bernard's (deli)
500 N. Water St. Ste. 110
First Capital Bldg.

Blue Swan Deli (deli sandwiches, breads, soups)
320-C Williams St.

City Dinner (continental fare of the 50's)
622 N. Water St.

Coastline/Omni Marina Hotel
707 N. Shoreline Blvd.

Crawdaddy's (cajun style seafood)
414 Starr St.

Darryl's (steaks, seafood)
101 S. Shoreline Blvd.

Dentoni's (pizzas/calzones/salads)
415 William St.

Don Pedro's (Mexican cuisine)
429 Schatzell & Mesquite

Executive Surf Club (nachos, burgers)
309 N. Water St.

Fat Farren's (pizzeria, deli, imports)
402 Peoples St.

Glass Pavilion/Omni Bayfront Hotel
900 N. Shoreline Blvd.

Honey Bee Hams (soups, salads, sandwiches)
619 N. Chaparral St.

Jezebelle's (gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads)
100 N. Shoreline Blvd.

Joe's Crab Shack (seafood, oysters)
Lawrence St. T Head

La Bahia (homemade Mexican food)
201 Mesquite St.

Landry's (seafood)
Peoples St. T-Head

Mama Mia's (authentic Italian food)
128 Mesquite St.

Monterry Cafe (Mexican cuisine)
412 N. Chaparral St.
(361) 883-8888

Palms Restaurant/Ramada Hotel
601 N. Water St.

Randall's Premium Deli/Bank of America
500 N. Shoreline #108

Republic of Texas Bar & Grill/Omni Bayfront
900 N. Shoreline Blvd.

(European bakery, continental cusine)
424 N. Chaparral St.

South Padre Island Brewing Co.(sandwiches, salads, seafood)
450 Chaparral St.

433 N. Shoreline Blvd.

Taqueria El Reparo (Jalisco style mexican food)
523 N.Water St.

Wahoos (cajun cusine)
415 Water St.

Water Street Oyster Bar (seafood, steaks)
309 N. Water Street

Water Street Seafood Company
309 N. Water Street

201 N. Shoreline Blvd.





Sailing on Corpus Christi Bay in October

(Mark Foster, 1999 J22 World Champion)

Welcome to the 2002 J 22 World Championship. I would like to introduce you to Corpus Christi Bay and the sailing conditions you might encounter during the Championship. Having sailed in Corpus Christi for 35 years I would like to tell you about the Current, Waves and Wind patterns that normally occur during the fall.

 The normal SE sea breeze will set up a wind driven current that flows northwest towards the Harbor Bridge and returns up the bay inside Alta Vista reef. The current will be consistent across the course and usually does not exceed knot. The dividing line is the Alta Vista reef which runs parallel to the shore approximate to 1 mile off the bay front. Cold fronts that blow in will change the current after about 24 hours and the direction of the current will reverse, going north along the bay front and south in the middle of the bay. The ends of the reef are marked by two day markers which are noted on the chart of the bay. I would expect our race course to be outside of the reef and the current not to play an important factor in the racing.

 The wave pattern is consistent across the course. As you look at the chart you will notice that the bay averages 10 to 14 feet deep and with the SE sea breeze the waves have a 14 to 18 mile fetch before they reach the race course.  Waves come in sets of three and you are advised to try and avoid them at all cost.

I have been asked what is the best way to sail around the waves upwind and my best advice is to steer down hill, by that I mean to keep the bow pointing to the next low spot so that the bow is going down hill as much as possible.  One bit of advice is that you will want to wear sailing shorts with pads. The J22 does lots of stopping in the waves and your bottom can get quite sore with the salt water effect after a few days.

 The wind in October can be challenging by Corpus Christi standards. We will have two major wind patterns which will be present during the Championship. The normal SE Sea Breeze develops with the heating of the land. It takes about 10 degrees of temperature differential for the sea breeze to develop. The bay water should be in the mid 70s by mid October so you can expect to see 10 to 15 knots of Sea Breeze by mid afternoon. The Sea Breeze can start as far left as 90 degrees and as far right as 160 degrees but will usually settle in around 135 and build to 15 knots. You will notice a build up of cumulus clouds behind the Harbor Bridge as it starts to develop. The Sea Breeze can be enhanced by cold fronts coming down across West Texas which will add 5 to 10 knots to the normal breeze. This cold front will also bring a change in direction to the wind with its passage. Cold fronts come in with a certain amount of gusto and blow out of the N to NE for 1 to 2 days before the afternoon start to warm up. Then for 1 day we have light and variable winds that start to shift back to the SSE as the Sea Breeze returns. Here is a local web site you can visit to see what the wind has been doing on the far side of the bay.

 The other bit of local knowledge is what I have noticed and refer to is the river of wind that shows up as the Sea Breeze builds. Pull out a bay chart and locate the Nueces Bay Bridge or if you are out sailing you will see the low long bridge with a small hump in it just to the right of the Harbor Bridge. >From the bridge looking up wind to the race course you will notice more wind pressure over the length of the bridge which builds faster than the rest of the bay which is blocked by the downtown buildings.

While Corpus Christi is known for its windy conditions, you will hear the locals say wow I have never seen it this light for this long. I hope this gives you some insight to the local conditions, and you have a great time during your visit to Corpus Christi.


Marina Information

(Michael McCutchon)

You will most likely be driving into Corpus Christi over the Harbor Bridge on Highway 181, or along the Port of Corpus Christi on I-37.  Both of these roads dead-end into Corpus Christi Bay at Shoreline Blvd.  From there, turn right on Shoreline, and proceed about 3/4 mile to the third light.  Turn left on Coopers Alley and drive down onto the L-Head landmass.  Pass CCYC, the yellow building on the left, and park the boat at the end of the L-Head.

Registration and sail measurement will take place on the upper deck of CCYC, under the tent.  Boat measurement will take place on the L-Head.  Once your boat is measured and weighed (using our strap), you will be assigned a docking location according to your assigned bow number.  Your trailer will be tagged with your bow number, and parked on the L-Head.

There is a pressure sprayer available on the L-Head, as well as multiple hoses, to get the road grime off.  We recommend a fresh wax job before hitting the water.  In our warm, high-salinity bay, marine growth is a problem within a few days.  You may hoist the boat and spray/wipe it according to availability of the hoist up until the deadline of Monday at 1900.

The L-Head is a part of Corpus Christi Municipal Marina, not CCYC.  As such, there are certain rules that must be addressed.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed on boats, but not on the public areas of the marina.  Camping is not allowed (in RVs or otherwise).  Sleeping aboard is allowed with a permit.  Docking anywhere but assigned spaces will result in a nightly fee assessed to you by the marina staff.  Please help CCYC be a good tenant in the marina by respecting these rules.  The marina staff, in turn, is very friendly and helpful.

CCYC welcomes all participants to use the club facilities.  Please note that you should wear dry clothing, including shirt and shoes, inside the club.  Guest cards are available for members of reciprocating Yacht Clubs, or for those using Visa or MasterCard.  CCYC offers casual dining on weeknights in the bar area downstairs, and in the quieter area on the second level.  Jackets are required on the second level Friday and Saturday nights.